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Agriculture is the main income-earning activity in the sub county and Mityana district at large, the crops grown include sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, maize, bananas, groundnuts, onions, cabbage, and tomatoes. Cash crops grown in the county include coffee and tea. however thses have various problems KEA address

This is a project that seeks to facilitate exchange of knowledge among the farmers involved in the production of both cash and food crop, who currently benefit from other Programme through use of ICT in Kikandwa Sub county. The project targets 100-350 active poor farmers in the area

Kikandwa Environmental Association Partners with other local NGO's in the area to implement livelihood program activities. KEA plays a role in identification of beneficiaries to its projects due to existing stuctures.

Who are are we helping?

People of Kikandwa Sub county, through the local community leaders, conducting a need based study to fill the gap of lack of information which is caused by cause of poverty and illitracy level in the community.

What issue are we addressing?

The need to empower farmers in ICT (information and communications technology) in order to improve their livelihoods and to address their right to adequate food in the county. At present, 59% of the households in the targeted areas eat only one meal a day. KEA believes that through the use of ICT, livelihoods of the farmers can be improved, and poverty reduced.

Women Empowerment

Margret Nabatanzi, One of the Unique farmer Innovators. Makes products from Amaranths seeds, markets them online after she received a Compture training through KEA Resource center.

Farmer projects and how KEA helps

Empowering Farmers with ICT for Improved Livelihoods The project aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among farmers involved in food/cash crop production through the our Community innovation resouce Center and use of ICT. The use of ICT by the Centre would help to equip farmers with valuable information and resources that are expected to improve their production, quicken decision-making and marketing. Key activities of the project include training of trainers who will educate the rest of the farmers. The project is innovative as it is the first of its kind in the District.

The project is a demand driven one as it was initiated as a result of various consultations conducted by KEA staff and volunteers, community members, local community leaders , District Local Government officials,and Objectives include:

  • improved access to information to over 500 farmers in kikanda by 2024
  • Improved methods of farming for over 500 farmers in in kikanda by 2024.

KEA Community Innovation Resouce Centre (KEACIRC) Support

We are again putting up another campaign to raise US$2500 to make it possible to have fully equipped resource center with more five computers, furniture and internet for the community to fully access to information and share with others. This campaign is also aiming at zero food insecurity in our community that is why we need your support so that we can raise US$2500 in order to fulfill our goal.

Dear our beloved Members and friends we are thankful to the the support you render to KEACIRC. we are happy to share our report on the past activities in Kikandwa, To donate and support our projects Please visit

How other people partner with our projects

Other people can partner with us on diffrent agricultural project to provide technical support through availing the agriculture staff and IT staff to support their project. The IT focal person works closely with the Community innovation resouce staff during the training of farmers. They are strengthened with other expert from with in the organization, and local member support.


Rural Women Intiative Uganda

Rural Women Initiative (RWI) is a charitable nonprofit organization for professional and non-professional young mothers aged 12-35 years in rural communities advocating and campaigning for gender equality through socio-economic and psychological empowerment of mothers for improved livelihoods.


Public Address

John Kaganga Director KIkandwa Environmental Association and head of Community Innovation.Addressing members at 10th anniversary of Kikandwa Environmental Association

News letter

The land grabbers from the poor and vulnerable people should be treated with an iron hand because they have made the people lose their life and property.

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